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Color: 39style – Female Ring Imitation Moissan Diamond Ring Female



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Material: Copper
Style: Fashion OL
Item No.: DYZ001
Style: Crown
Applicable gift-giving occasions: wedding
Packaging: Individually packed
Style: Women’s
Inlay material: white gold/K white gold inlaid with gems
Color: classic six-claw 1 carat, nine-star ring 1 carat, twisted arm snowflake 1 carat, half country 1 carat, luxurious round bag 1 carat, princess crown 1 carat, charm ring 1 carat, love ring 1 carat, precious ring 1 carat, Angel kiss 1 carat, classic bull head 1 carat, diamond bull head 1 carat, lingering love 1 carat, delicate six-claw 1 carat, star queen 1 carat, luxurious square bag 1 carat, psychic ring 1 carat, luxurious heart bag 1 carat , Snowflake six claws 1 carat, love four claws 1 carat, classic round bag 1 carat, classic square bag 1 carat, classic heart bag 1 carat, star ring 1 carat, love oath 1 carat, heart flower 1 carat, wall inlaid bull head 1 Carat, bamboo six claws 1 carat, twisted arm belt diamond 1 carat, honeycomb ring 1 carat, point diamond ring 1 carat, true love crown 1 carat, twisted arm bull head 1 carat, kiss of the world 1 carat, double row bull head 1 carat , Princess Crown 1 carat, Liu Shishi same paragraph 1 carat, snake ring ring 1 carat, twisted arm full diamond 1 carat, classic Winsky 1 carat
Popular element: crown

Package Content:
1 x Ring

Size Information:

Size: Adjustable opening

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