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Color: Blue – Work Badge, Brooch, Character Display, Luminous Driving License



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Product information:

The 4th generation of smart badges: Chinese four-character badges (Android interface (MICRO USB))

Battery type: rechargeable lithium battery 400 mAh 4. 2v standby time: 20-40 hours

Product size: 9 3mm*30mm*6mm

Pixel: 11*44 dot matrix

Display color: red, blue, yellow, green, white, pink (6 LED colors to choose from)

Display language: Chinese, English, Traditional Chinese, Korean and all European languages

Display mode: Move up, move down, move left, move right, and move the snow scroll, fixed horse racing, flickering, jitter, and water border

Display words: fixed 4 words, scrolling display more than 700 characters, 8 messages can be pre-stored

Standard configuration: LED badge + USB data cable + magnet (optional CD 0.5 yuan)

Wearing method: dual protection of two wearing methods: magnet and safety pin at the same time

Charging method: use mobile phone charger and power bank to connect to the computer to charge for 2-3 hours

System support: XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10

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