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Color: Class AA, Size: 8mm – Natural tiger’s eye bracelet



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Product name: Natural Agate Tiger Eye
Gem Type: Tiger Eye
Inlay material: not inlay
Style: Buddhist beads bracelet
Color: Class AB, Class A, Class 2A, Class 3A

AB grade tiger eye stone: AB grade tiger eye stone has black lines, obvious dark spots and impurities, some beads have no eyes, fine lightning eyes

Grade 1A Tiger’s Eye: The surface of Grade 1A Tiger’s Eye is relatively smooth, with impurities, and the black lines of stone markings are relatively obvious, the lightning eyes are relatively obvious, and the color is relatively bright.

Grade 2A Tiger’s Eye: The surface of Grade 2A Tiger’s Eye is smooth, with fine black lines, unobvious impurities, smooth and sharp lightning eyes

Grade 3A Tiger Eye: There is no obvious impurities in Grade 3A Tiger Eye, the color is bright, and the lightning eyes are clear and sharp.

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