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Style: 2style – Year Of The Ox Transshipment Red String Bracelet



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Product Information:
Style: Korean style
Material: Red String
Type: Bracelet
Style: Women’s
Modeling: Animal/Zodiac
Inlay material: Alloy inlaid artificial gems/semi-precious stones
color: Red

1style: Bell cow
2style: Full of diamonds
3style: Horn bull
4style: Red heart bull
5style: Geely cattle
6style: Full diamond red horn bull
7style: Jinfu Niu
8style: White Snow Cow
9style: Lucky Bull
10style: Lucky cow
11style: Angel cow
12style: Red bean cow
13style: Shy fox
14style: Shy deer
15style: Shy cow
16style: Red Bead Bull
17style: Bull head
18style: Tag
19style: Lucky Cat 1
20style: Bullish
21style: Lucky bag 1
22style: USD
23style: Little fairy
24style: antlers
25style: Cupola
26style: Lucky Bull
27style: Lantern Fu
28style: Bull Head Lucky
29style: lucky bag 2
30style: Lucky Cat 2
31style: Lucky Gourd

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